At Manty & Associates, we provide big-firm depth of experience and the quality of work with the personalized service of a small firm. We know and care about our clients. By combining the experience gained in the big firm within our small-firm environment, our team provides our clients with the work product they expect, in a cost-effective manner, and with trusted counsel providing practical solutions. At Manty & Associates, our clients come first. We work as a team to provide a well-rounded work product in the time you need.

     As our client, you will know each one of us which allows us to create an individualized action plan for each of your matters. We find quick, innovative solutions on your timeline. You obtain the advice you need with ease. When matters require the use of legal counsel, we understand the urgency and necessity for action and response. We handle each matter with attention, precision, and competency. We are real people handling real concerns.

     Manty & Associates’ culture thrives on collaboration, experience, ingenuity, and integrity.  We are a community of teachers, learners, friends, and colleagues. The atmosphere we have enables us to provide an integrated approach supported by a team of close-knit professionals.


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