When unforeseeable circumstances arise, a person may find themselves in a situation where debt is acquired and paying it back is an option out of their reach. Aside from bankruptcy, other options are available to settle this debt. Debt negotiation is one such option. On behalf of our clients, Manty & Associates negotiates with creditors to reduce the balance owed and/or to secure a manageable payment plan in order to stop ongoing collection efforts.

A successful workout of debt obligations allows our clients financial freedom, without the necessity of costly litigation or bankruptcy. Our team of experienced and highly skilled attorneys specializes in complex litigation and bankruptcy, allowing us to analyze our clients’ unique financial situation and create a customized strategy to give our clients the best possible outcome.

Our ability to proceed with litigation or bankruptcy serves as motivation for creditors to enter into a settlement agreement. Oftentimes creditors are inclined to settle on a debt agreement since it means they will still be receiving payments rather than none at all if bankruptcy were filed. Debt negotiation is also a means for our clients to preserve a better credit score than bankruptcy would allow.

Gain your peace of mind back and find relief from creditors with debt negotiation services from Manty & Associates. Our attorneys are experienced in working with creditors to negotiate the best debt settlement that will work for your financial situation. Speak with one of our attorneys today and find out if debt negotiation is right for you.

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