This Week Dennis O'Brien Wrote a Guest Post on Minnesota Litigator

Here is a sample of Dennis' post you can read the rest here. 

When I attended law school in the early 1970s, bankruptcy law was not even remotely on my radar. My law school, William Mitchell, did not offer a course in the subject to my knowledge. But, if it did and had I been aware of it, I certainly would have avoided a course in bankruptcy. I wanted to be a trial lawyer. I clerked for a St. Paul law firm while in law school and periodically delivered papers to the bankruptcy court clerk’s office in downtown St. Paul in connection with that, but, I had no idea what any of it was about, and whatever went on behind the clerk’s counter or in bankruptcy courtrooms. The bankruptcy process was a total mystery to me. One that I had no interest in solving.

I graduated from law school in 1974, and began my practice with a small law firm in Duluth, Minnesota. It was a general practice firm, except that bankruptcy law was totally absent from the practice. Two years later, I went solo, became a St. Louis County Juvenile Court Guardian ad Litem, and practiced probate, real estate, small corporate and family law. This was the bread and butter of the small practitioner.

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